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Friday 6th August 2021

After I’d checked out Exeter’s new bus station on Monday last week it seemed a good opportunity to take a ride on First South West’s new open-top Discover Exeter tour introduced at the end of May for the summer season.

It’s part of the company’s suite of initiatives under the overarching Adventures By Bus brand. I’ve brought you the Dartmoor Explorer, the Exmoor Coaster, the Atlantic Coaster and Lands End Coaster so how does Discover Exeter measure up against those gems?

It’s just not in the same league. For a start both open-top buses in their smart gold coloured branding for use on the tour have been laid up and not turned a wheel for some time.

The replacement vehicles are unbranded so you might spot it wandering around the city but you’d have no idea what it was doing.

One stand out feature of the City Sightseeing franchise is the bold use of graphics on their fleet of open top buses in towns and cities across the UK and globally. You can’t miss what they’re about.

Indeed First have done the same on its other Adventure brands with some brilliant liveries, so it really is a stroke of bad luck the very classy attractive design for the Exeter tour (see above) is not seeing the light of day and instead languishes in the corner of a bus garage.

A second thing that seems to be lacking is eye catching publicity at bus stops around the route and in timetable cases.

Although Devon County Council have installed a conventional timetable at the terminal point at Exeter St Davids rail station, it’s hardly going to pull the punters in, not being geared up to attract the leisure market.

I didn’t spot anything at all at the bus stop outside Exeter Central rail station right in the heart of the city centre.

Also missing on the replacement unbranded buses is any public address system letting passengers know all the features they’re passing by and something which is usually expected on a city tour. I understand the fully branded buses have got the equipment on board but it’s not practical and would be too costly to transfer this to the unbranded buses now being used.

The fourth feature that seems to be missing is passengers. I took a ride on the circuit over lunchtime on that recent Monday. It was a bright sunny day among the recent bouts of wind and rain but still no passengers joined us – apart from Exeter based bus photographer Hugo who cadged a lift from St Davids Station back to the University and who’d I’d had the pleasure of meeting on my trip to Lynmouth and Barnstaple.

However in some good news to report, as I got off the bus when we got back to Exeter Central another passenger did board who like me was going to enjoy a free ride on the tour as a concessionary passholder.

It does seem quite extraordinary that Devon County Council are reimbursing for concessionary passholders using this tour – it must be the only city tour in Britain to qualify.

The tour itself is an interesting unhurried route around the central area of Exeter. It doesn’t venture very far from the city centre – not much more than a half a mile radius – and takes 48 minutes to complete the circuit.

There are eight hourly departures every day of the week commencing at 10:00 from St Davids rail station but you can hop on and off at any stop on the circuit.

There’s an attractive leaflet which was available on board by the driver’s cab and I know the First South West team are working hard to distribute it widely.

As well as the route map and timetable, the leaflet gives a brief description of many of the places of interest the bus passes.

You get some interesting views along the tour including the new leisure centre being constructed next to the new bus station …

… and along High Street, once only the preserve of minibuses and off limits to larger sized buses.

I enjoyed my tour ride; it was nice to capture so many aspects of Exeter in less than an hour.

Exeter is one of the few tourist towns and cities of its size in the UK where City Sightseeing doesn’t operate. I assume having tired it, they found there wasn’t a lucrative enough market.

There must be a question mark over whether First South West will make it work particularly this year with the problems of bus availability.

But, as with other examples I’ve blogged about over the last few years, if you don’t try these things you won’t know, and certainly the Dartmoor Explorer and Exmoor Coaster are brilliant additions to the tourist bus scene in the south west and encouragingly I hear are doing well, particularly the latter.

Roger French

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  1. We’ve deliberately soft pedalled on this one in the absence of both the buses that are fully branded and commentary fitted.
    The two buses are both awaiting Cummins to fit replacement engines but there is a significant backlog with Cummins.
    In the interim the two spate E400s have been in this week to have commentary systems fitted, along with the Falmouth vehicle.
    Our plan therefore, is to start all our marketing and development of Discover Exeter once the buses have been refitted.

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  2. It’s such a shame that the proper buses for the Discover Exeter tour failed so soon after the route started, and before publicity was posted. Therefore until very recently it has usually been a covered top Bicton College liveried bus (and even a coach and a Solo have made guest appearances). So you were lucky to get an open topper at all Roger. However of course, this will mean that First have not been able to judge whether the route has a commercial future. Lets hope Cummings can get the liveried buses sorted before summer is over.


  3. Newport Fflecsi Service to be expanded to cover the whole of Newport. On Sundays they will replace almost all the normal service


  4. Although Exeter isn’t an unpleasant city it’s an unusual place to have a bus tour of! Probably a tad more scenic than it’s rival Plymouth(I assume that the two places have a friendly rivalry like Newcastle Sunderland, Rio de Janeiro San Paulo, Glasgow Edinburgh, Sydney Melbourne?).Exeter does have a working chain ferry on the interesting public transport from mind so does Plymouth although these leave Plymouth and even Devonshire crossing to Torpoint, Cornwall so are only half in Plymouth!


  5. Always think its a shame that as GWR is also owned by First, that the railway cannot help promote these tourist services, maybe with inclusive through tickets ? Even back when First ran almost all the bus services in Cornwall, it was very rare to find bus timetables at the stations (Bodmin Parkway and Redruth often being exceptions, presumably due to enthusiastic staff?). I am sure that a rack in the ticket offices would be possible quite easily, and also I am sure Ray Stenning could devise some stunning posters for the platforms extolling the virtues of the various Adventures by bus (or specific ones like Discover Exeter). There is a rack of the splendid Devon Council timetable books within St Davids Station, which proves it can be done, and is very useful, but sadly does not contain anything for Exeter itself. This is because Devon understandably leave the operators to publish their own timetables for the big cities of Exeter and Pymouth (which short sightedly Stagecoach no longer do). Devon used to do an Exeter map, not sure if they still do. But there is no room in the rack for any other leaflets, like that for the Exeter tour.


    1. Maybe the nations favorite aristocrat, Lord Prescott ,could look into it as he seems to be the national expert in getting the railways to do the job of the bus companies but it doesn’t work vice versa!


  6. I couldn’t even get on the bus as it never showed. Waited with my sister and 4 children, 16/07/2022, trying to keep out of the heat and keep the kids entertained for 2 hours and still no bus. There is no way of contacting any one who may know whats going on as their call centre is closed at weekends. No information on site about cancellations or late arrivals. Either way, we ended up having to go home with 4 very hot and fed up children. Not happy with the outcome, hopefully I can get a refund for my ticket.


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