100 Bus and Train Events in 2022

Sunday 18th December 2022

A blog link to a vlog.

100 Bus and Train Events in 2022. 100 clips in 10 minutes.

See how many you recognise. A listing of all 100 events is in the comments.

Click here for the video.

Roger French

Blogging timetable: 06:00 TThS

21 thoughts on “100 Bus and Train Events in 2022

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  1. That took a lot of work and was very well done and enjoyable!
    I’m sure you will be headhunted by one of the Hollywood studios soon, and have a new career!
    And thanks for the always interesting blogs throughout the year

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  2. Hi Roger – I just wanted to say thanks for recording and sharing your expeditions through the year. I only discovered this blog in recent months but it’s always enjoyable. If only many more people looked at everything from the passenger perspective in the way you do.

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  3. Thank you Roger for the vlog, the blog, and the entertainment. You’ve covered some miles for our delectation, with Scotland, England and Wales all being treated. Depressing number of DRT schemes and thank you for shining the light on those.

    From this reader, I wish you a safe and relaxing Christmas, and look forward to your travels in 2023.


  4. £2 Bus Fare

    A 130 operators are taking part in the capped £2 fare. I have yet to find a list of them though.

    Considering the scheme starts in January publicity of it appears to be close to zero


  5. Congratulations on another year of bus and train riding.
    A list of operators in the £2 fare offer is now on the gov.uk website. A notable absence from the list is the Delaine, perhaps they think offering a regular and reliable service is more important than cutting fares.


    1. There are a number of operators locally who run fairly long routes wholly within England who are not listed. Borders Buses, Glen Valley Tours and Travelsure to name three.


    2. A lot of the Arriva companies are not on the list

      In the Colchester area it is being claimed that some routes are not in the scheme for no apparent reason. As I understand it if a company is in the scheme or not with all registered stage carriage services having to be in the scheme


  6. Thanks Roger, and another year gone.
    Exciting times down here in moebus, New timetable normally begins with the Summer timetable end of May, so I’m sure you’ll be down to cast your eye over the revamped network!

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