The battle for West Lothian

Wednesday 28th November 2018 A right royal bus battle is underway in West Lothian with more salvos being fired this weekend. At the beginning of August First Bus gave their extensive network based on Livingston a good old sort out introducing a simplified route pattern offering quicker journeys and new links into Edinburgh's city centre... Continue Reading →

Switched on Harrogate

Friday 23rd November Hats off to Transdev Blazefield owned Harrogate Bus Company for getting their brand new fleet of electric buses for the town's network of local bus routes on to the road and into service. Unlike London's all electric Waterloo garage where buses only charge up back at base, this scheme introduces 'opportunity charging'... Continue Reading →

My Hundred Best Train Journeys 2

Thursday 15th November 2018 Following the top ten listing in Part 1, welcome to the next twenty most wonderful train journeys around Britain - they're part of my Hundred Best Train Journeys. Read along for the rides ...... 11  Shrewsbury - Llandrindod - Swansea  After the Cambrian Coast line entry in tenth place, we're still... Continue Reading →

My Hundred Best Train Journeys 1

Sunday 11th November 2018   Part 1 of 4. This started out as my top ten favourite train journeys but I quickly realised I couldn't possibly do justice to all the many fantastic rail lines across Britain by being so limited. It quickly grew to a top twenty, then thirty as favourites easily clicked away... Continue Reading →

First for fare frustration

Thursday 8th November 2018 There was a bit of unfinished business in my last blogpost about the Hayling Ferry; I thought I'd pursue the outstanding query of the cost of a return ticket on the First Bus route 15 between Portsmouth city centre and the Ferry. I'd bought a £3 single from the driver but... Continue Reading →

A Lifebelt for ailing Hayling Ferry

Saturday 3rd November 2018 There's a handy passenger ferry which connects the south western tip of Hayling Island with the south eastern tip of Portsea Island across Langstone Harbour. It only takes a couple of minutes to cross and saves Hayling's residents a 12 mile detour via Havant and Cosham to reach the commercial centre... Continue Reading →

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