Here’s something new. A place for mini travelogues and bus and train comment. Where there’s space for more than just 280 characters; follow me as I tweet on the road and from the tracks (@BusAndTrainUSer) keeping an eye on what’s good, what’s bad and what’s positively ugly. It’s also for wry and pithy commentary on bus industry developments, along the lines of my French Connection column which featured fortnightly in Bus & Coach Buyer for ten years, (hey; “it’s all gone online” now). And the added bonus will be some observations on how the trains are doing; saves writing letters to Rail and Modern Railways! I won’t be holding back. Expect to be landed with plaudits if you’re excelling, but I’ll name and shame if you’re seriously leaving passengers behind.


Roger French        20th June 2018

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  1. Just caught up with this; after really enjoying your ’10 years’ blogs in March 2023, I thought I’d explore your archives – still really fascinating and relevant. Might you engage in some more ‘commentary on bus industry developments’? – your well-informed blogs are always of interest.

    I’d be particularly keen to hear your thoughts on: are many (any?) bus companies and councils partnering up to try out the very successful B&H method for increasing bus use? Is it the attitude of rail managers which is stopping bus-rail integration? Is there any research about how integration can be improved – e.g. feeder services to rail or bus main routes?

    Happy next ten years …


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