Motorists on buses

There’s been a bit of a spat on Twitter over the last 48 hours about whether motorists can be persuaded to use buses in the same way they’re enticed to use trains and trams. Train and tram fanatics claim metal wheels on tracks are masters of the mass transit mode with buses just bit players. Examples... Continue Reading →

A Pick Me Up for Oxford

Well done Oxford Bus. I'm all for innovation and trying new things. And it's time someone had a real go at beating UBER at their own loss making game of undermining the taxi trade. So I'm pleased to see Phil Southall and his Oxford Bus team joining in the fun and games with a brand... Continue Reading →

Reported issues from last week’s travels

OK, let’s get this writing journey underway. First up, a few miscellaneous reflections on last week’s travels...... Monday 18th June to Oxenholme and the new West Coast Railways operated fill-in part-time train service to Windermere while Northern continues its May Timetable Meltdown. It certainly got the media coverage. It was overrun with train buffs and the... Continue Reading →


Here's something new. A place for mini travelogues and bus and train comment. Where there's space for more than just 280 characters; follow me as I tweet on the road and from the tracks (@BusAndTrainUSer) keeping an eye on what's good, what's bad and what's positively ugly. It's also for wry and pithy commentary on... Continue Reading →

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