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After I returned home from North Wales last week I thought I’d check out how much a few standard fares on Arriva’s bus routes around Rhyl are so I could compared them to the ‘One Arriva’ £4 ticket. Are there "massive savings on standard bus tickets" as the promotional poster claims, or is it all... Continue Reading →

More Moorsbus please

Community Rail Partnerships have been the saviour of many rural branch lines. The closest the bus sector gets to something similar is in the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks where small groups of committed hard working individuals devise and oversee the operation of significant networks of weekend bus routes branded as Dalesbus... Continue Reading →

Open data? Let’s get the basics right first.

'We want a mobility ecosystem that delivers seamless intermodal transportation faster, cheaper, cleaner, more responsive and safer than today. This will be enabled by open data on fares and journeys across all modes - data that is available to everyone to access, use and share'. No, they're not my words; it's the "putting passengers first"... Continue Reading →

How those PMQs should have gone…..

Jeremy Corbyn: “With fares rising above inflation, passenger numbers falling and services being cut, does the Prime Minister accept her failure on yet another public service: the buses?” Theresa May: “I’m delighted my right honourable friend has taken the opportunity to raise the topic of buses; a vital and hugely important public transport mode which... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Shetland

It’s as far north as you can go and still be in Britain. Any further and, aside from dodging the Faroe Islands to the west, you’ll be in the Arctic wastelands of Svalbard. Main administration centre of the 16 inhabited islands, Lerwick, is a tad closer to Oslo to its east than London to the... Continue Reading →

How’s Catch The Bus Week for you?

Thursday. And it's Day 4 of Catch The Bus Week 2018. How’s the fun all going for you? Got on a bus yet? If the traditional embarrassed-men-in-suits-plus-a-few-women launch photo in Westminster (Westminster? - it's the only way to nab a Minister on a late Monday morning) (and yes I know #CTBW, as it's affectionately known... Continue Reading →

10 reasons to like Devon

It’s always a pleasure to spend a few days in Devon. Superb coastlines, rolling rural scenery, two great cities, many attractive towns and lots of delightful villages. Best of all it has an excellent network of well run bus and train services making it very easy to get around. Here are ten reasons why it’s a... Continue Reading →

It helps to have a Plan B

The plan was to catch Stagecoach operated route 4 from Axminster station at 1215. It runs via Honiton to Ottery St Mary where I’d pick up the four-journey-a-day Hatch Green operated rural route 382 via Whimple and Feniton. A scheduled arrival at Axminster on the South Western Railway train at 1202 provided a nice 13... Continue Reading →

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